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We are a Cultural Travel Company specialising as an Incoming Tour Operator based in Athens.

We create unique experiential and cultural trips, food & wine experiences, hiking adventures and family trips all around Greece.

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Somewhere We Know - Cultural Trips in Greece

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See Greece differently, Travel Somewhere We Know!

Travel Independently

Trips for the independent travelers who travel with their friends or family members.

Travel in less crowded destinations

We choose destinations with less travelers. We choose to travel during more quiet times of the year.

Travel safely

We follow the instructions of the Greek government so that we can ensure the safety of your trip.
We choose hotels, transfers and restaurants with a certification of hygiene protocols.
The plan of each day of the trip is made with the aim of low contact with crowds.

Travel as a means of wellness

Travel with the aim of wellness. With relaxed rhythms and mild physical activity.
Enjoy Greek nature and landscapes. Have a balanced Greek nutrition.
Get in contact with locals.

Travel with our personal care

We personally take care of every single detail of your trip, from the first day you arrive in Greece until you return home safely. We are available to assist you anytime 24/7 during your trip.

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