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We are a Cultural Travel Company specialising as an Incoming Tour Operator based in Athens.

We create unique experiential and cultural trips, food & wine experiences, hiking adventures and family trips all around Greece.

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Family Trips

Family Trips

Travel with your family Somewhere We Know in Greece. Where you and your family can take part in custom-made cultural and experiential trips that incorporate special activities for children. Where children will learn about history and archaeology through playing and experiencing.

In our Family Trips children have their own tour guide, who is responsible of passing on the information in a receptive way for young travelers.

Here is a selection of our Family Trips >>

5.5 hours
Family Trips
Half-day Tours
A half-day private tour discovering a cultural gem outside Athens.
4 days
Family Trips
Multi-day Trips
Discover Epirus region, an unknown and unexplored corner of mainland Greece!
9 Days
Classical Greece Trips
Family Trips
Multi-day Trips
Stay in a secluded private villa with magnificent views to the sea and explore with your own rental car this beautiful corner of Mainland Greece.
2 Days
Family Trips
Multi-day Trips
Ideal for families traveling with their children in Greece! Accompanied by a tour guide specializing in children’s activities.

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